Newsletter 12



After a short AGM to approve the accounts and elect the committee we have been fortunate in that Helen Kemp, the Chief Executive Officer of Leeds Mind will give a talk on public attitudes and how the modern community services are dealing with the problem of mental ill-health.

Tea and biscuits will be served and there will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions. We look forward to seeing you.



As we advised you in our last Newsletter we were honoured to receive a Community Award from the Duke of York last year. The volunteers were highly commended by the Duke for the work in restoring the Memorial Garden & Wood.

We are therefore doubly pleased to announce that together with the main site of the former High Royds Hospital the Memorial Garden & Wood is officially recognised by Historic England as being of Special Historic Interest.

The official notification is as follows

Landscape associated with the former High Royds Hospital, Bradford Road, Menston, West Yorkshire. List Entry Number 1001469.

“After receiving representations from the developers we considered removing the above site from the Register We have completed our assessment and Historic England has decided not to remove the site from the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic in England.”

buckle lane memorial garden flower beds 17 sm (2)mapN.B Historic England is an executive non-departmental public body of the British Government sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It is tasked with protecting the historical environment of England by preserving and listing historic buildings, ancient monuments and advising central and local Government


Since we became the owners of the site in 2010 work has been carried out in three stages: Restoration of the graveyard; the Chapel and then in 2017 – the Wood. This has created what is now called 


An Oasis which is becoming increasingly important as the area becomes more and more developed.

In order to maintain and develop this peaceful site, further initiatives are under consideration. We are pleased to be able to support the Bat & Bird Boxes initiative organised by the Menston Community Association and funded by the Co-op Community Development fund.

As you may have read in the press, or heard at the meeting on March 27th, these boxes will be placed throughout the village including the Memorial Garden & Wood

bird boxes

Organisers and children pictured at  the recent well-attended Open Meeting to discuss and learn more about the initiative

sensory g

A further project which has been suggested is the creation of a Sensory Garden in a section of the three acre Memorial Garden & Wood.  

Sensory Gardens have been successfully introduced in other parts of the country and have proved to be a blessing to many people who are blind or partially sighted. They appeal to all five senses and are also beneficial for people suffering from other forms of sensory deprivation or Dementia.

 This project would require funding, which we are actively looking into. Professional advice is also being obtained. We have, for example contacted Alan Titchmarsh, who was born in Ilkley, for his advice. We are fortunate that all the paths in the garden already conform to official disabled standards. It is early days and comments or suggestions are always welcome.


As in previous years we will be holding an Open Day to which all are invited. Further details will be published nearer the time but in addition to refreshments there will be flowers and plants for sale at reduced prices.

hare houndsParking and toilet facilities will be available at the Hare & Hounds by courtesy of the management.

diary notesApril 25th – Kirklands – 7-30pm – Open Meeting & AGM – Guest Speaker – Helen Kemp – CEO – Leeds Mind

June 22ndLadies Please Concert –  Methodist Church Hall – 7-30am. Proceeds to the Memorial Garden.

July 14thMemorial Garden Open Day and Flower/Plant Sale. 10am to 4pm

September 15-16 – Heritage Open Days with Thanksgiving Service at 4pm on the Sunday. Further details will be published nearer the time


To maintain the garden and keep up the high standard which has attracted national as well as local attention requires many different gifts so thank you to all concerned. The contributions by standing order are very helpful and appreciated as are offers to help with the cleaning of the chapel or occasional weeding.



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