The Heritage Weekend

The Heritage Weekend went very well so thank you all for the effort and time involved.  Many visitors and did appreciate it as was gathered from the remarks that were passed.

20180916_165333_Burst01Sue Lee, Revd. Andrew Howorth, Emmerson Walgrove, Ron Sweeney, David Lynch

The Service, conducted by the Revd. Andrew Howorth was well received and again from comments he seems to have ” hit the spot”  in his remarks on mental health and our response to it. In particular Andrew put over very clearly how High Royds helped to form a “bridge” from the abuses of the old Workhouse system which lead to the Asylums and now to us as Care in the Community has taken over. So whilst the Chapel and Garden reminds us of the past it also points to the future as our understanding of Mental Health issues increases and hopefully we learn lessons from the past.

Our thanks as usual to the Ladies Please Choir who again pleased!  David’s reading of his poem “2861” was very moving. It received a round of applause and gave us all pause for thought.

All in all a moving, but not sad, occasion as it made us aware of how ” An Oasis of Peace”, which the Memorial Garden & Chapel has become, can help us all.

Again thank you to all concerned.

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