Work starts on Sensory Garden



Thanks to a grant from the Telegraph & Argus and its parent company, The Gannett Foundation, work has started on a Sensory Garden which will become a feature of High Royds Memorial Garden on Buckle Lane, Menston.
Stone from a local quarry is being used to construct the planters which will then be filled with shrubs and plants to appeal to those who are sight impaired or are having problems with Dementia. The planters will be cared for by volunteers but the grant has enabled professional stonemasons to construct the planters and the surrounds which will enable easy access for wheelchair users.
The Memorial Garden, which has become known both locally and nationally as “An Oasis of Peace” was a former paupers’ graveyard containing 2861 former patients of High Royds Psychiatric Hospital which closed in 1969.
After three years of legal negotiations The Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden started restoration work in 2010 and with the help of many volunteers have created a garden which has become known, locally and nationally, as an “Oasis of Peace”.


Steve Pawson (the offical contractor for the job) and Luke Cruse working hard to finish before the rain starts


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