Heritage Open Day

We are pleased to report that we had a successful ‘Open Day’ for Heritage Day. We had 28 visitors according to our ‘track & trace’ records and they kindly donated £74 to our funds. The visitors were spread over the course of the day and kept their social distancing. Many thanks to Tom and Ron who were able to answer a lot of detailed questions. One question we couldn’t remember the answer to was ‘who made the wooden cross that hangs above the Altar?

NB The wooden Celtic Cross above the altar was funded by Churches Together in Otley (of which Ron was then Chairman). It was made by Bret Thompson, Cabinet Maker, of Ilkley who was also responsible for making the 30ft Easter Cross that is erected on the Chevin every year. Bret did get the wood for the Chapel Cross from the hospital. It was selected from one of the doors leading to a doctors room.

This choice was made to ensure continuity with the old hospital.


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