Remembrance at High Royds

By Claire Lomax for the Wharfedale Observer

WHILST following COVID guidelines former staff members of High Royds Hospital, who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2, were remembered in the restored High Royds Chapel with prayers and a special display.

Candles were lit and an illuminated soldier on a stand were featured together with a bronze memorial plaque with the names of the ten who were killed in WW1 and three inWW2. The original bronze commemorative plaque was stolen when High Royds Hospital closed in 2003 but the original wooden surround was found and a public subscription paid for the bronze plaque to be recast using existing photographs.

An original poppy from the Tower of London and a framed certificate also form part of the display. The 14 staff members remembered are:

WW1: J.W. Ackroyd, A.L. Appleby, J Currie, L. Holmes, W. Marshall, J.T. Mitchell, M. Nangle, W. Powell, F. Rastrick, E. Smith. WW2:. L.W.F. Dale H. Mounsey, W. Murrell.


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