1. “The Society will be known by the title: ‘Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden’.
2. The objective of the Society will be to restore, maintain and care for the derelict cemetery and chapel of the former High Royds Hospital for the benefit of the deceased, their relatives and the local community.
3. Membership of the friends of High Royds Memorial Garden will be open to individuals over the age of 16 years who purchase 10 x £1 shares. There is no limit to the number of shares held by any one shareholder.
4. A share certificate will be issued in the full name of each member. Shares are neither withdrawable nor transferable.
5. Members may withdraw/resign from membership in writing to the Secretary. The names of members who resign or who are deceased will be removed from the list of members.
6. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be called each year during the month of April.
7. The AGM will be open all registered and to other interested individuals,
8. Registered members only will enjoy voting rights at the AGM.
9. The rules of the Society may only be made, altered or rescinded by a vote taken at the AGM.
10. A Management Committee will be elected by registered members at the AGM comprising: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson (Finance), Secretary and six other members. The Management Committee has the discretion to co-opt ex-officio members ft deems necessary.
11. The Management Committee will meet bi-monthly or more frequently if necessary. It will exercise day to day responsibility for the conduct and management of the Society’s affairs. Members of the Management Committee can only be removed by a majority vote of the Management Committee, and subject to confirmation by the next full meeting of shareholders.
12. The Registered Office of the Society is: Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden, c/o Quentin Mackenzie, 23 Park Road , Menston LS29 6LS
13. A bank account in the name of: Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden, will be held at HSBC, 88 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4AR. The day to day management of the account will be the responsibility of the Vice-Chairperson (Finance). Two signatures will be required to draw cheques on the account i.e. any two of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary.
14. The members shall vote annually, as allowed by the Deregulation (Industrial and Provident Societies) Order 1996, at the Annual General Meeting to have when necessary in law, or where the membership requires, an audit carried out by a registered auditor, or an audit carried out b two or more lay auditors, or a report carried out by a registered auditor, or unaudited accounts where the conditions for such exists
If a full audit or a report is required, a person who is a qualified auditor under Section 7 of the Friendly and Industrial and Provident Society Act 1968 or Section 36 of the Friendly Societies Act 1974, shall be appointed. The qualified or lay auditors, if so appointed, shall not be officers or servants of the society and nor shall they be partners of, or in the employment of, or employ, an officer or servant of the society.
Lay auditors shall be chosen by the Committee of Management from the general membership and/or others.
If the membership votes for unaudited accounts, the income and expenditure ledger will be scrutinised by the secretary and committee members only and signed, as a true record by the secretary and two committee members or such other number as may be required by legislation. An income/expenditure report will be prepared to present to the Society’s members at each Annual General Meeting.
15. It is not intended that the Society will make ‘profits’. Any excess of income over expenditure may be invested in safe bank or building society saving accounts or bonds, subject to the agreement of the Management Committee.
16. No officers, management committee members or members of the Society will receive remuneration for work undertaken on behalf of the Society,
17. It is not intended that the Society will contract loans or receive money on deposit The FSA will be consulted should this intention be changed.
18. The Society will not have a common seal.
19. Should the dissolution of the Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden be necessary, it would involve a recommendation from the Management Committee followed by a meeting of Shareholders.
The decision would be followed by:
a. Contact with all parties who had made grants to the Society;
b. information to all shareholders of the Society;
c. Advertisement in the local press giving reasons for the dissolution.

The Management Committee would then be empowered to dispose of any assets held in the name of The Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden’ subject to the settlement of any outstanding debts liabilities. Any residual assets would be allocated by the Management Committee to local charitable organisations sympathetic to the original objectives of the Society.
The entire dissolution process would be subject to approval by the FSA.

20. Any changes to the Society’s name, address or rules are not valid until registered with the FSA.
21. In the event of disputes, it would be the responsibility of the Management Committee to achieve a resolution and to subject their findings for approval by the next AGM of shareholders.

JOHN W STEEL 21 May 2009
Revised 21 September 2009; Second revision 27 April 2010; Third revision 14 September 2010; Fourth Revision 28 April 2011. Fifth Revision 26 April 2018